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Otte Oil & Propane can reveal some hidden savings for your business when used to fuel your fleet vehicles. Propane burns cleaner than gasoline, decreasing maintenance costs and increasing engine longevity. Propane prices are also cheaper on average than gasoline, realizing additional savings. You'll also be reducing pollution by using an environmentally friendly fuel that's made 100% at home here in the USA.

We offer an advanced Red Rooster System called a Road Runner. This system is used for motor fuel and stationary engines. A dual fuel system for Gasoline Injected Vehicles can run on gasoline or propane.

Calculate the difference with the Propane Autogas Calculator.


Converse Service

8201 N 56th St
Lincoln, NE 68514

Performance 66

7000 Vine St
Lincoln, NE 68505

H.I.S Auto Care

7000 Van Dorn
Lincoln, NE 68506Directions

Hillis 66

600 South St
Lincoln, NE 68502Directions


4812 Howard Blvd
Columbus, NE  68601Directions

Weston BP

2345 Co Rd K
Weston, NE 68070

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