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Farm vehicle harvesting the land
May 24, 2019

Nebraska Home Propane Services

If you take a close look at the fuel preferences of America’s farmers, you’ll find that over 800,000 farms nationwide rely on propane to power daily agricultural operations.

With gasoline prices rising over recent years and a larger push for greener business practices, autogas is the clear solution for reliable, clean and cost effective farming. Here’s why farmers choose propane.

It’s versatile

There’s always a bit of skepticism towards “new and improved” machinery. Electricity and gasoline have been relied on for decades as the energy sources that will never let you down. That mindset is changing. In fact, electricity and gasoline do let us down! These traditional energy sources are not only getting more expensive, but they are hurting the environment. Propane gas is just as reliable for powering daily appliances. Farmers use it to transport, plant, harvest, irrigate, dry and store crops.

It pushes harmful pesticides to the sidelines

Going green is a huge priority, and America’s agricultural industry is the foundation for setting ethical examples regarding how our nation’s food is produced. Pesticides have presented a toxic problem that affects health and the land in a highly negative way. Propane innovation has presented farmers with a winning solution to control weeds by flame. Heat is used to rupture weed plant cells, which has proven to be incredibly effective and much safer for the environment.


One of the awesome features of using propane is how flexible it is. Forget about running new fuel lines. As well, you won’t have to worry about connecting to the grid. If you need to add more production equipment, such as irrigation or a grain dryer, you can do so with propane gas on a stand-alone basis.

Made in the USA

Pretty much all propane used in the US is also produced here. Utilizing propane means fully-supporting the US economy and energy independence.

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