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Eco friendly propane gas
April 26, 2019

Nebraska Home Propane Services

One of the advantages of using propane gas as an energy source is the proven fact that it is eco friendly.

In today’s world, the awareness surrounding the vital steps to reduce the carbon footprint is more pronounced than ever, as businesses grasp for new ways to revolutionize how they use energy not only to go green, but to also save money.

Propane gas allows businesses and homeowners to do this in strides, but what makes propane gas eco friendly?

In this post, we’ll explore exactly why you can depend on this fossil fuel in promoting a healthy environment.

Clean & versatile

Propane gas is part of the fossil fuel family, but it is one of the cleanest burning. Non toxic, the greenhouse gases emitted by propane is so very little that it does no harm to the environment.

As well, since propane doesn’t pool, spill or leave residue, it doesn’t affect soil, air or water. This makes it a wonderful choice for use in agriculture.

It surpasses electricity

Some may argue that electricity isn’t a fossil fuel, and that’s because it isn’t what's actually producing power. You see, electricity is called a secondary energy source. That means that the primary energy source helping to power electricity is a fossil fuel, such as coal or nuclear power (a power plant). The carbon emissions are huge here.

Propane works faster than electricity. It heats up to 40% faster, whether it’s a water heater, a gas stove top for cooking or a gas fireplace. Less energy output is needed, so not only is it more efficient, but you end up saving money.

Find out all the ways that propane gas can benefit you. It’s the perfect energy source for homes, businesses and farming. If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss all things propane!

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