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Propane gas tanks
March 26, 2019

Nebraska Home Propane Services

How do you store your propane gas tank? If you’re new to the gas game, as in you’ve recently made the revolutionary switch to gas heating in your home as opposed to electric, then you may have questions regarding how to handle your new guest: the gas tank.

It’s not complicated and it’s safe to boot. As you embark on this new propane journey, simple knowledge can give you peace of mind and help you get the most out of your propane heating system. It starts with proper maintenance and care. Here are our top tips.

Where should you store your gas tank?

Propane tanks should not be stored indoors, as a gas leak could cause contamination in the surrounding area. Instead, opt for a cool, well ventilated area outdoors where the tank will stay dry. The surface it is placed upon should be flat to avoid toppling over. You’ll also want to keep it out of the sun, so find a spot with shade.

Be aware of flammable objects

...And keep your propane tank at least 10 feet away from them. This includes electrical equipment or other propane tanks. You’ll also want to keep your tank away from any windows, air conditioners, radiators or vents. This positioning puts your home at risk, because if a gas leak were to occur fumes can seep inside through these entry points.

Inspect regularly to ensure quality

Don’t let your gas tank sit idle and unchecked for too long before you decide to use it. You’ll want to check your tank is in proper working order. The valve should always be closed when the tank is not in use. If not closed, a gas leak can occur. Check for rust by removing the label on the outside of the tank. This is where moisture can get trapped, and if rust is present, this downgrades the quality of the tank.

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