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Propane supplier checks gas
March 26, 2019

Nebraska Home Propane Services

Whether you use electric, oil or solar to power energy in your home, there will always be a risk alongside the advantages. With propane, it’s no different.

The benefits of using propane gas for residential and commercial use can’t be disputed. But, it’s always smart to be informed about possible risks and preventative measures for safety.

A gas leak is an issue to be aware of when using propane. Most commonly, leaks are the result of faulty or badly fitted appliances. How can you tell if there is a gas leak and what can you do about it? Here’s the 101 on gas leak safety.

We’ve got a leak over here!

There are two ways you can be alerted to a possible gas leak. First, you might get a rotten egg smell (this is what natural gas smells like) that signifies gas is in the air. Second, you can check your pipes for corrosion. Look for rust or green discoloration on copper pipes. This is an early sign of a leak.

In some cases, perhaps there are no indicators of a leak, but you may start to feel physical signs of discomfort that aren’t normal. This includes dizziness, nausea or feeling lightheaded. If feel unwell, promptly open the windows and go outside to get fresh air. These are symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Initiate an emergency action plan

If you have confirmed that there is a gas leak, there is no need to panic. Follow these 4 steps for safety.

1. If you know how to do this yourself, turn of the gas supply connected to the meter.

2. Stimulate air circulation in your house by opening all of the windows to filter out gas.

3. Be mindful about flipping light switches or smoking. You DO NOT want to do anything that initiates a spark.

4. Leave the house and call your local gas supplier in Nebraska. They will come out immediately to repair the leak and ensure all is safe before you can return to your home.


To prevent gas leaks, have your appliances regularly maintained by your gas supplier. If you already have someone coming out to refill your gas each month, it’s a good time to ask questions, learn about the gas system in your home and have them do a thorough inspection.

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