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Chicks on a farm
September 18, 2018

Nebraska Home Propane Services

Autogas is the way to go when you’re looking for progressive ways to power your farm with a reliable energy source that is environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Farmers that turn to autogas are able to keep up with the demands of modern farming practices while staying sustainable. This versatile fuel source can be used in numerous ways safely with easy accessibility. Here are some of the most popular uses for propane.

Rearing season & Poultry

We understand that rearing season is a busy time, especially when livestock thrive off of heat to grow strong. You get constant climate control that allows you to care for your animals with ease.

For poultry, utilizing propane heating lowers contamination risks since it is a clean burning fuel. It also promotes healthy feathering and weight gain because of an even moisture level that results from the type of heat produced.


Winter can wreak havoc on greenhouses and nurseries, but that’s where propane swoops in to save the day. You can use it for space heating so plants can continue to thrive in moderate temperatures, use it for flame weeding and pest control without the chemicals and generate CO2 for optimal plant growth.


Keeping crops well-watered has never been more convenient than with a portable propane powered engine. Besides being used to drive irrigation pumps, you can disconnect it to be used for other functions, such as powering mechanical grinding mills or generating electricity. With fuel costs constantly on the rise, you won’t have to worry about spending as much when you use propane and your emissions will be fewer.

Dry crops

Whether you’re drying rice, corn, fruit or tobacco, propane can be used to power grain dryers efficiently, no matter what the climate or weather may be. Propane is known to decrease moisture levels in grain effectively, while reducing waste and contamination.

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