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Clean burning propane gas
November 24, 2018

Nebraska Home Propane Services

Your neighbor recently switched to a propane heating system and now you’re curious. They must’ve really been impressed by this type of home heating to make such a crucial switch, you conclude.

What’s the buzz about propane gas anyways? Is it really that much better than electric heating?

You may have heard whispers on the wind about the magic of propane heating, but all you really know is that it can be used to grill up a killer steak.

There’s much more to this gas than meets the eye. Homeowners across the US are making the decision to heat their homes with propane gas, and this is why you should consider the switch too.

It has many other functions besides powering a BBQ grille

Propane is highly flexible and multi-functional. These are some of the ways you can incorporate it in your home.

  • Tankless water heater: Heats water twice as fast as an electric system in an hour.
  • Pool & Spa heating: Heats your pool quickly so you don’t have to wait to jump in.
  • Fireplaces & fire pits: It’s odorless and safe. Say goodbye to nasty ash and dangerous embers.
  • Home heating during winter: Keep your home warm for less during those blustery months.
  • Outdoor heating: Use propane to run heating lamps and furnaces.
  • Kitchen appliances: Cooking is easy and immediate with a gas powered stove top.
  • Generators: Propane gas can’t be spilled and costs less than gasoline.

It’s a clean burning fuel source

Impact the environment the best way you can by reducing your carbon footprint with propane. It burns cleaner than other fossil fuels, its low carbon content means that it releases fewer emissions and it’s listed as a clean fuel source in the 1990 Clean Air Act as well as the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

You’ll save money on your monthly energy bills

The biggest perk of switching to propane is that you’ll save more on your monthly bills than if you were using electrics or oil heating. According to a 2017 study, homes that used propane spent 49% to 67% less than oil users and 156% to 204% less than electricity users. Propane appliances are much more efficient since they tend to be new and advanced, which also cuts costs. They boast a longer lifespan and cost less to repair as well.

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